gotwax! is an underground dance music label established in 2012 and run by Timo Braun (b-trak) in Karlsruhe, southern Germany.

The name gotwax! is also the title of a long established monthly party event that takes place every first Saturday in a small, edgy club where the DJs strictly play vinyl supported by an enthusiastic crowd that dances the night away.


Our good fellow is the Rane MP 2016 mixing console, which has a rich, warm sound and big magic knobs for all the pleasure crimes to enter the house. Also the Shure M 44-7 Cartridges do all the best in moving bass-heavy tones all around the klub.

The idea behind the label was to capture the spirit and good vibes of the parties – always warm, always deep. Celebrating raw, analog and bass- heavy, soulful techno and house vinyl cuts with a light, repetitive listening approach is at the heart of gotwax!.

The forthcoming gotwax! releases will be a combination of tracks from local, never-heard-of artists and well-known DJs from the gotwax! parties.

The gotwax! releases will only be available on real vinyl – no downloads, no online releases! The sound of vinyl is unique. Period.