[gotwax! no. 004 testpressing arrived]

Today three fresh test pressings arrived. After quite a time it was again very nice to hear, how saturated and warm sound gets on real vinyl.

Everybody did a good job, now we have to check final media & audio quality and hopefully after some days, we will receive final pressing.

[Mastering of gotwax! no. 004]

Together with our new artist DMAN, we visited Stefan [LOPAZZ] Eichinger in his mastering studio “Mix Mastering” in Heidelberg.

Mastering of gotwax! no. 004

It was a pleasure to see, how artful hands and an enlighting minimalistic mastering approach can treat the variety of the source audio material – preserving most of the original feeling in the different tracks.

The output was stunning, we are very happy to present the resulting audio material the next days…

Upcoming new releases in 2016

We are very happy to announce new vinyl releases on gotwax! later this year!

Despite that we are selecting the tracks by now, feel free to send in Your fresh demo stuff to info@gotwax.de.

Remember that the label focus is on analog produced tracks with balls, heart & soul in the wild varity of house & techno music.

[gotwax! no. 003]

The third gotwax! EP contains two fantastic Detroit synth- & drum-groove tracks made with true love and real attitude. Both tracks come from our new artist Florent/M.

Chemtrails on the A-side instantly takes you up into the clouds, with a beautiful synth chord sequence that twists and glides over unique and energetic drum programming.
The elements weave around each other over time and space, painting the sky with a question for the listener and the dancer.
On the flipside, Message for the Ground Crew sets the tone with a percussive conversation of high mid and bass notes, alive and full of curiousity. Surreal chords arrive to the scene and pan across the horizon, anchored by an addictive rhythm that keeps evolving. A foreign language from another dimension, a sign of life. Do you read us?

Mastering and vinyl-cut done by Andreas ‘Loop_O’ Lubich of Calyx Mastering. Pressed by Optimal-Media – each record is hand-stamped on both sides. Distribution by Diamonds & Pearls.

gotwax! no. 003 sleeve front  gotwax! no. 003 sleeve back



[gotwax! no. 003 – final pressing arrived]

The gotwax! no. 003 – final pressing was just delivered today!

Despite of the basic delivery details: 500 records – 25 small packages – fourth floor – tropical temperatures – no one around to help, it is very nice have the almost finished product right in front of you.

gotwax! no. 003 final pressing arrived.

Again and again impressive how the sound changes to best from the testpressing up to this final one.

[Mastering & Cut of gotwax! no. 003]

Together with Florent/M, the artist of gotwax! no. 003, we visited Andreas ‘Lupo’ Lubich in his new Mastering Room at Calyx Mastering.

Lupo working on gotwax! no. 003@Calyx Mastering   Vinyl Cutting Room@Calyx Mastering

Of course it depends WHO works on your tracks, it’s not the machines with their more or less good specifications only, it’s the man behind who knows how to fairly use them – he is THE ONE who does most of the magic!

So it’s all about trusting YOUR engineer!

Nothing more to say, except that the mastering was very good and the result an outstanding, loud two track 45RPM vinyl cut!