Starting in the late 80’s with assembler intro- & demo-coding on the famous C64, he always wanted to use own music to complete the moving graphical artwork.

But first when the sample-based tracker-software Protracker on the Commodore-Amiga was introduced to him by a friend, the idea of a very basic first ‘song’ became reality. Simply four tracks with BD, HH, bass & some piano-chords were¬† successfully tested on a heavy duty low-rider soundsystem just after finishing.

Continuing his work with his first synthesizer, he also started to buy records to discover new sounds, while organizing private underground-partys at abandoned places somewhere out in the nite.

Not really beeing an EQing mixer-wizard or control-freaky outboard-gear-maniac, the sound-approach of b-trak is simply raw, with warm analog-feelings and no complex filter-curves or any programmed automation. The PC is always used for sequencing only! Less is more!

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Soundcraft Spirit Studio 24/8/2

Fostex PM1-MK1
AKG K141 Studio Headphone

Digidesign MBox 2 Mini
Doepfer MCV4
2 * Palmer Pan-04 DI Box
Roland A880 Midi Patchbay
M-Audio Midisport 2×2

Roland Alpha-Juno 1 + Programmer PG-300
Roland SH-101
Roland TR-727
SCI Pro One (with Doepfer MCV-4 inside & new keyboard)
SCI Prophet 600
Yamaha DX-27
Yamaha FB-01
Novation Drumstation V2
Jomox M-Base V1
Casio RZ-1

Doepfer A-119: External Input / Envelope Follower
2 * Doepfer A-123: 24 dB High Pass
Doepfer A-120: 24 dB Low Pass 1
Doepfer A-122: 24 dB Low Pass 2
Doepfer A-105: 24 dB SSM Low Pass
2 * Doepfer A-140: ADSR – Envelope Generator
Doepfer A-145: LFO
Doepfer A-130: VCA – Voltage Controlled Amplifier (linear)
Doepfer A-130: VCA – Voltage Controlled Amplifier (log)
Doepfer A-185-1: Bus Access Module BAC

2 * Lawo Opto-Kompressor/Limiter (Dannerkassette) in 19″
Esteq Twincomp Kompressor/Limiter
dbx 242 (Project 1) parametric EQ
dbx 244 (Project 1) Compressor
EHX Stereo Memory Man with Hazarai
EHX Stereo-Polyphase
Lexicon MPX-100
Lexicon LXP-1
Washburn Digital Delay (Ibanez DM-1100 Clone)
Vesta Kaza Digital Delay 411
Vestax 412B Digital Delay
ADA D1280 Digital Delay
Rane PE-13 parametric EQ

2 * Technics 1210
Rane 19″ Rotary Mixer MP 2016
Rane 19″ EQ XP 2016
Shure M44-7 Systems
Sennheiser HD-25
various Mixers of ESO (Hip, Plug, One)
Syrincs M3-220

Doepfer MS-404
MFB Synth 1
Waldorf Pulse
Waldorf MiniWorks 4-Pole
Akai S-3000 XL with Syndrive 1HE
Roland Juno-106
Roland M-16E
MAM SQ-16 Stepsequencer
Casio CZ-5000
EHX Q-Tron+ Envelope Follower
Tama Techstar TS-305
Furman PQ-3 Parametric EQ
Yamaha TX81Z
Yamaha SY-99
Pioneer DJM-500
Vestax PMC-170A DJ Mixer
Korg KPR-77