[gotwax! no. 004 testpressing arrived]

Today three fresh test pressings arrived. After quite a time it was again very nice to hear, how saturated and warm sound gets on real vinyl.

Everybody did a good job, now we have to check final media & audio quality and hopefully after some days, we will receive final pressing.

[Mastering of gotwax! no. 004]

Together with our new artist DMAN, we visited Stefan [LOPAZZ] Eichinger in his mastering studio “Mix Mastering” in Heidelberg.

Mastering of gotwax! no. 004

It was a pleasure to see, how artful hands and an enlighting minimalistic mastering approach can treat the variety of the source audio material – preserving most of the original feeling in the different tracks.

The output was stunning, we are very happy to present the resulting audio material the next days…

Upcoming new releases in 2016

We are very happy to announce new vinyl releases on gotwax! later this year!

Despite that we are selecting the tracks by now, feel free to send in Your fresh demo stuff to info@gotwax.de.

Remember that the label focus is on analog produced tracks with balls, heart & soul in the wild varity of house & techno music.

[gotwax! no. 001 out now!]

Our first vinyl release is available now by Diamonds & Pearls in many local stores!

You can buy it also online here: decks.de, Spacehall.dedeejay.de, hhv.de, music-head.de,  djshop.deWordAndSound, Underground Solution, Vinyl24.de, recordsale.deCLONERushHour, Phonica, chemicaluk.com, Kristina RecordsJuno, halcyonCrosstalk, imusic.dkFADE, K-Records, ElectronixNetwork, Newtone-Records, diskUNION, Soundfinder, JetSetRecords, UndergroundGallery, Technique, Afterhourz, Baza

[making of gotwax! no. 001]

This small picture-series shows the record release from the arrival of the final pressing by the pressing-plant until the first promo-packages have been sent out.

To do the hand-stamping of the first 200 records was unexpectedly a very time-consuming effort, also due to the high summer-temperatures under the rooftop flat of the gotwax! ‘residency’ the max. amount was only 50 records each day.

The stamp-color, specially the one of the logo-stamp had to dry out before turning the records to the other side, for doing the text-stamps of the tracklisting, label- & artist-information.

Also the decision was made, to use the brownish natural covers instead of the generic black ones!