[gotwax! no. 003 – final pressing arrived]

The gotwax! no. 003 – final pressing was just delivered today!

Despite of the basic delivery details: 500 records – 25 small packages – fourth floor – tropical temperatures – no one around to help, it is very nice have the almost finished product right in front of you.

gotwax! no. 003 final pressing arrived.

Again and again impressive how the sound changes to best from the testpressing up to this final one.

[Mastering & Cut of gotwax! no. 003]

Together with Florent/M, the artist of gotwax! no. 003, we visited Andreas ‘Lupo’ Lubich in his new Mastering Room at Calyx Mastering.

Lupo working on gotwax! no. 003@Calyx Mastering   Vinyl Cutting Room@Calyx Mastering

Of course it depends WHO works on your tracks, it’s not the machines with their more or less good specifications only, it’s the man behind who knows how to fairly use them – he is THE ONE who does most of the magic!

So it’s all about trusting YOUR engineer!

Nothing more to say, except that the mastering was very good and the result an outstanding, loud two track 45RPM vinyl cut!


[gotwax! no. 002 testpressing arrived]

Today the gotwax! no. 002 testpressing has arrived! We were so curious about the sound of the vinyl cut, cause we had not been able to attend the mastering session at Duplates & Mastering in Berlin this time. So we finally put the needle on the record and were so excited about the fantastic sound and the saturated, rich, warm & loud 45RPM cut.

Andreas ‘Lupo’ Lubich did another great job in reworking the sound for it’s distinguished destination to take over the heart of every soul listening around. Well Done!

Please expect the soundcloud presentation of the new release in the next few days!


[creating a vinyl record release]

Following the links stated below, You can read the full story of the first gotwax! release.

The GEMA licensing, selection of the Mastering-Studio, attending a Mastering-Session with cut of the vinyl, Pressing-Plant communications, handling of the testpressings, reclamation – everything is written there very briefly (in German).

For those who want to start their own label, this may supply You with some valuable information
about possible traps and errors, quality control of the whole production process and also some general thoughts about finishing tracks, evaluating mastering-results & the vinyl-flavoured finished product.

1. Mastering & Cut


2. Licensing & Pressing-Plant


[making of gotwax! no. 001]

This small picture-series shows the record release from the arrival of the final pressing by the pressing-plant until the first promo-packages have been sent out.

To do the hand-stamping of the first 200 records was unexpectedly a very time-consuming effort, also due to the high summer-temperatures under the rooftop flat of the gotwax! ‘residency’ the max. amount was only 50 records each day.

The stamp-color, specially the one of the logo-stamp had to dry out before turning the records to the other side, for doing the text-stamps of the tracklisting, label- & artist-information.

Also the decision was made, to use the brownish natural covers instead of the generic black ones!