Obsoletetechnology pays homage to what was supposed to be the future a long time ago, exploring a parallel universe of technology and sound which has never happened. A time when a blinking LED meant high-technology and was standing for things yet to come – the future as it used to be!

His sound can best be described as a mix of raw and rich textures with large bass. Musically inspired by Detroit’s futurism, the vibe and grittiness of early Jamaican dancehall and dub productions, he is exploring the innards of electronic landscapes and endless reverb in space. Music with a technological approach and an analog edge.

Obsoletetechnology’s tracks are always recorded in one single recording session with all fades, mutes and modulations performed in real-time. Most of the equipment used in the recordings is vintage or even home-made and mainly chosen for its special character, no matter if analog or digital.

He is also a vintage gear-collector, modifies and repairs old sythesizers, builds own circuits for various audio purposes and even designs and creates complete hardware and software technologies.

Check out his blog to learn about the magic he performs: